Precision watchmaking for golfers

The Hercules Golf Master 2.0 is a mechanical, water resistant and shock proof automatic wrist watch with analogue display for hours, minutes and seconds. It is a certified chronometer caliber watch representing traditional Reconvilier watchmaking heritage in its most innovative way. Thus, it is the perfect accessory for watch aficionados with highest golf aspirations.

Sports watch with digital distance measurement to the green

With a weight of only 110 g the watch's titanium case is optimized for the sport of golf. In turning around the dial within the case (“Rotar“ mechanism) a Bluetooth enabled digital distance display is revealed. It indicates the distance from the current location of the golf player towards the beginning or the centre of the green in meters or yards.

Furthermore the sport watch has a bayonet secured crown. It is placed either on the left side (9 o’clock) or on the right side of the watch (3 o’clock) for maximum wearing comfort.

New: iOS* – App

Via an iPhone* app the GPS distance information is transferred to the Hercules Golf Master 2.0 via a Bluetooth connection. In order to use the distance measuring function of the sport watch the app can easily be downloaded from the App Store. Golf course data is imported from the proprietary Reconvilier golf course database or generated directly via the Reconvilier Golf Course Editor. The distance to the green is instantly displayed on the Hercules Golf Master 2.0 via Bluetooth connection. The iPhone can simultaneously be used as an online pocket birdie maker. 

* “iOS and iPhone“ are registered trade marks of Apple Inc.


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