Our Legacy

A legacy of finest Swiss watchmaking

In 1853 the first watch manufacturing unit was founded in the Swiss Jura village of Reconvilier as a small family enterprise.
In 1902 this company was then registered and officially documented as Société Horlogère Reconvilier (SHR). From its inception it was known for classical watches in traditional yet elegant designs. With the acquisition of the “Louis Roskopf & Cie”-patents (patented 1860) around 1923 the reputation for solid, reliable and price competitive watches was established.
Since its foundation in 1902, Reconvilier follows the Swiss watchmaking tradition: creating exclusive timepieces that are highly reliable, absolutely precise and offer sophisticated technical innovations. 

With innovative technology and sophisticated design into the future

In 2006 Reconvilier was revitalized and now operates in the canton of Zug. To this day, only the finest and most reliable mechnical clockworks can be found at the heart of every Reconvilier watch. 

Reconvilier offers highly appreciated classical watches, but also unique and technologically outstanding innovations – such as the Hercules Golf Master and now the Hercules Golf Master 2.0.  


Reconvilier follows the tradition of «Haute Horlogerie»: appreciation for detail, passion for perfection and courage for innovation. The special charm of Reconvilier are the technical refinements that make every collector´s heart beat faster.